Why did I build it?

I was sick and tired of all the other weather apps which, don’t get me wrong, worked, but were always so slow and overcomplicated to use. I just wanted to see how many damn degrees there were outside!

So I decided to build my own weather app which perfectly solves my problem. I now find it enjoyable checking the weather in the morning, and it is the only weather app I use.

The app is built with Flutter and uses the OpenWeatherMap API.

Its main features are:

  • Completely Open Source
  • GPS Location Weather
  • Multiple Cities
  • Multiple Units (metric or imperial)
  • Multiple Languages (Italian, English and Romanian)
SimpleWeather home screen
SimpleWeather home screen

Multiple cities

Do you want to see what the weather will be like when you land in your destination?

You can do that simply and easily from SimpleWeather! Just add your location and start seeing what the weather is like over there.

SimpleWeather cities screen
SimpleWeather cities screen

Change Settings

You can change the display of the app from the settings! Useful when you want to shock Americans about how you don’t have snow days here even when it snows!

You can change:

  • Language
  • Units used
SimpleWeather settings
SimpleWeather settings

F-Droid repo

Download it using my custom F-Droid repo:

  • URL:
  • Digital Signature: EE 7D 6A 99 54 E0 E6 18 CE 12 05 F9 EC DC 0F 10 03 28 DD 20 8A A6 56 C7 26 03 DB E5 B1 BE 7C AE
SimpleWeather F-Droid repo
SimpleWeather F-Droid repo