Why did I build it?

Our school administration is extremely cringe and unbased, and they didn’t want us to see our grade average with ease on our school’s electronic register, so they disabled it.

So I did the based and not cringe move of just not giving a fuck and creating my own web application to satisfy this need, and my classmates are now using it daily.

Its main features are

  • Grade average checking
  • Absence and Delay checking
  • Agenda
Spaggiu grades widget
Spaggiu grades widget

Know the tendency of your grades!

Have you ever needed to know how well you’re doing at school to see if you can take it chill or you need to study a lot?

No? Well then you’re LYING (what a liar lmao).

Doing that is now easy! Just pull up and quickly check your average grade for each subject on each term, or check how well (or how bad) you’re doing overall.

There is also a nice graph of the latest grades.

Spaggiu grades graph
Spaggiu grades graph

Know your delays and absences

Have you ever been sick and attended 2 days of school in 2 weeks?

Now you can quickly see what you missed out on! Simply click on the absence and see the teachers’ description of the classes that went on that day!

(This feature is not implemented yet).

Spaggiu absences widget
Spaggiu absences widget

Read the code

The project is completely open source and it’s divided into two repositories: