About Me

Hi! I'm Alessandro

I was born and raised in Turin, Italy. The city of the 2006 Winter Olympics and the 2022 Nitto ATP finals.

The capital of the Alps is a relatively big city (and metropolitan area) with a tight knit urban fabric which is a big source of inspiration, and has a big technological sector. In fact, Turin refers itself as the “Città dell’alta tecnologia” which translates to “The high-tech City”.

A picture of me
A picture of me


I first got into coding when I was 7 years old after my dad, who learnt how to code some basic programs in BASIC, told me about it.

My passion for coding has grown ever since, and I went on to learn new languages and new technologies on my own.

I can now confidently use TypeScript, JavaScript, HTML, CSS3, Express, Flutter… The list goes on! I’m also a perpetual student. I’ll never stop learning new technologies, since it is a passion of mine.


I’m currently a High School student at the G.B. Pininfarina Technical Institute in Moncalieri. I’m not afraid to share this detail, since my name associated to my school is already everywhere on the internet (not my fault 😅).

Italian students have to take a big choice about their studies at 13 years old already: they have to decide what they want to study in school (besides mandatory subjects, like Italian and English). I decided to study Electronics in a Technical Institute.

Scientific Olympiads

In 2021 I decided to compete in Olympiads in Informatics, and to really prepare for them to achieve at least a somewhat decent result. This is what I accomplished so far (and the list will for sure get longer in the future):

  • Silver Medal at Italian Olympiads in Informatics 2022 (16th place);
  • Participation at Balkan Olympiads in Informatics 2022 (no prize, first international competition).